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Q: I have been working set days and times for the past nine months. I work two days a week. Previously I worked for this company eight years, I went back after a baby and asked for two days a week, I am now nine months part-time.

Without notice, my boss emailed me a new rota starting in three days time. He has me in now three days although the same amount of hours, plus different days and different shift times, please help I have no childcare for the third day

A: This is a matter of discussion and negotiation between you and your employer.

Your employer may need to be reminded of your availability on two days per week only. Certainly your employer should have discussed the move to a 3 day week with you and given you more notice so you could organize childcare etc.

Have you any written agreement with your employer that your job is a 2-day a week job?

Was your employer facilitating you by giving you 2 days a week on your return from maternity leave, but was the intention that you would gradually or eventually return to a full week?

Can you find a solution with your boss?

Have you checked with your childminder if he/she can cover under the new arrangement?

Ideally go to your boss with a solution that suits you and meets the business requirements.