Common job search mistakes

Wednesday, December 19, 2018
Sending bland CVs – There’s far too much competition in the current job market for anything “substandard” to survive.

This means sending bland CVs just won’t cut it! You must invest more energy into creating focused CVs, changing CV content for each job you target.

You must invest more time into creating impactful CVs, loading your CV with evidence of your previous achievements.

Being socially inactive – Tools like Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter can play an important role during job search. Unfortunately, too many job seekers fail to maximise the true potential of social media. Most are under the false impression that having an online profile is enough.

WRONG! Activity is the key to success. You must start engaging with your network and industry. Not network effectively in the real world – Your network has the potential to open doors for the advertised jobs, but it also has the potential to uncover hidden jobs.

Most job seekers ignore this valuable resource, missing out on the potential power of real world networking. Start leaning on your friends, family and ex-colleagues.

Not recording job search activity – It’s important for job seekers to record their job search activity.

Reviewing job search results can help you identify what’s working, and what’s not. This information allows you to change your job search strategies, helping you navigate towards your job search goals.

Reacting to the job market - Many job seekers only search for advertised jobs.

This means they miss out on many hidden opportunities. You must take a more proactive approach to job search. Networking and speculative applications can help you unearth those hidden gems.

Failure to prepare for job interviews - Interviews are a scarce commodity in today’s job market.

Therefore, job seekers must impress when presented with these limited opportunities.

Take the time to understand employer requirements, clearly identifying how you meet their needs. Review your CV, understanding key data in great detail. Finally, utilise mock interviews to maximise your preparation.

Paul Mullan is founder of Measurability, a leading career and outplacement consultancy. Visit for more info about our outplacement, CV and interview coaching services.