Effective job search during the Summer months

Monday, December 31, 2018
Many job seekers assume recruitment grinds to a halt during the summer months. They take a break from job search activity because fewer jobs are advertised and recruitment delays are expected. It is important to maintain your job search activity.

Below are nine positive actions you can take.

Revitalise your CV – Freshen up your CV. 80% of CVs I review don’t sell the owner effectively. Ensure your CV highlights key achievements and successes. Enhance the visual look of your CV.

Expand your network – The Summer months can provide many new opportunities to network - golf courses, barbecues, parks and outdoor events. Don’t forget to maintain contact with your existing network of friends and family.

Add new strings to your bow – It’s important to continually enhance skills and qualifications. This can increase your attractiveness to potential employers. Use the Summer months to up-skill or retrain.

Conduct research – Use the Summer months to research potential industries, research target companies or identify suitable recruiters to assist your job search.

Ask more questions – People may have a bit more time to talk to you during the Summer months. Seek valuable advice to assist your job search.

Revisit old leads – Circumstances change, so revisit opportunities targeted earlier in the year. A fresh approach may deliver a positive result.

Use spare time effectively - Volunteer for a charity, event or worthwhile cause. This can provide an opportunity to showcase existing skills, expand your network or gain new skills/experience.

Establish a routine – Develop a job search schedule and create tangible targets. Even if it’s just 30 minutes each day, put a plan in place to help maintain momentum. Ensure you continue to review job boards, newspapers and recruitment agencies websites.

Surf the social waves – Maintain activity across your social networks. Update your Linkedin profile, grow your online network and engage with existing connections.

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Paul Mullan is founder of Measurability, a leading Career & Outplacement firm. Measurability offers Outplacement, Interview Coaching, Job Search Support, Linkedin Training, and CV Writing services.