How to search for a job while still employed

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Article courtesy of Sigmar Recruitment

It is likely, that at some stage in your life you will be looking for a new job while still employed. Often this can be the best time to begin searching for a new job as you are under less pressure and more likely to wait and find a job that you really love. Although it can be difficult to juggle your current role and searching for a new position, in the long run it will be worth it if you find a great job. Below are some tips to make the job hunt as stress free as possible.


Keep It Quiet

While you may be friends with your work colleagues, it is best to keep quiet about your search, it will not sit well with your boss if he/she hears from someone else that you are looking for a new job. Colleagues knowing can leave you in an uncomfortable situation where your current employers may feel hurt or that you are being disloyal. It can be hard, but only share your job hunting news with people you completely trust.


Update LinkedIn

It is important to keep your LinkedIn profile up to date, especially when you are looking for a job. You may want to tweak certain aspects of your profile to make it more appealing, go into detail about previous work experience and mention what you like working on. If you are connected with colleagues from your current role, you may not want to be openly advertise that you are looking for a new job, as again you do not want it getting back to your current boss.


Use Your Time Wisely

It may be inconvenient, but do not use work time to send out CVs or take calls from potential new employers. Try to schedule calls with these employers before or after work, or even on your lunch break, it can prevent any awkward situations or someone over hearing your conversation. Using a recruitment agency can be very beneficial, they can help find you a job you really want, without you having to do the searching.


Schedule Interviews Conveniently

Where you can, avoid scheduling interviews that interrupt your working day, there are only so many doctors/dentists appointments you can take before your employer will become suspicious.  The most ideal situation in this case, is if you have annual leave to take. By taking a day or two off no one will question what you are doing and scheduling one or two interviews in a day can help make the most of the time off. If you cannot take holidays, try and schedule your interviews for the morning, lunch or evening time, as these times will be the least disruptive to your day.


Be Aware of What You Wear

If you work in an environment that calls for casual attire and you show up wearing a suit, it can be a giveaway that you are going to an interviews. Find somewhere to change between the interview and work, it will help any unwanted attention when you go back to the office.


Finally, planning is the key to successful job hunting while still working, put time aside for searching for a job, but just not on your current employer’s time!