Maternity style for working mothers

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Congratulations you are pregnant! A time of fatigue, possible sickness great excitement and joy.

(My son is approaching his first birthday and the time flies)

And then came the maternity clothes. Nothing made me feel more confident and prepared to take on the corporate world than Maternity clothes. Well er, ok actually not. So for all you lucky ladies I have decided to focus on one maternity brand and some high street stores that aren’t maternity specific but will do a lot of the hard work for you in your pregnancy.

Here’s what I have learned about dressing yourself when pregnant. 

  1. Bodycon is not for me, but leggings become your best friend whether you like them or not! They are top of the list for comfort and versatility. I balked at the very notion of this when I became pregnant, I simply “didn’t do” leggings. The trick is to make them grown up. Choose a good thick fabric and decent quality (Hurray for winter) and layer with knitwear, jumper dresses or a nice white shirt (that has good length.) and good footwear. After a summer of heat and light clothing making me even more self-conscious of my growing size I celebrated the onset of winter, because I could cover up and be comfortable

  2. A good dress will take you through any wardrobe crisis of which you will have many when you are pregnant believe me! (Cos was my go to store, and these aren’t maternity specific)

  3. I updated my wardrobe with accessories and good beauty products. If you are working full time and pregnant the choice of clothing isn’t as extensive, however, a good bag, pair of shoes, and jewellery were an instant pick me up and were a great source of confident boosting items!

  4. It’s important to find the right denim and I will discuss a few similar pairs in this article however pregnant or not denim is still a tough purchase for some people so it requires patience and dedication! You still need to try on plenty and assess for comfort and practicality in terms of your growing bump. I preferred over the bump jeans for control.

  5. Nearly all maternity wear includes Breton or striped tops and dresses. This was fantastic news for me as I have a slight addiction however it can become overbearing so my advice is to buy one or two, I would also like to add contrary to what people think they will not make you look fat. The trick is to try on a top with thin stripes as it’s the balance of stripes that count. Choose a cowl neck or v neck for larger busts and a higher neck if you are small busted.

  6. I don’t know about you but the one area I struggled with was a few items suitable for work or evening events. If you work in the corporate world it’s difficult to break from more formal wear into maternity wear simply because the choice isn’t there. I have included some in this article.


I’ve decided to start with one popular brand of maternity-specific clothing called MAMALICIOUS. I purchased a few of their dresses which I wore for work and would have been lost without. 

Outfit 1 

  • MAMALICIOUS 2 tone woven shirt €44.95
  • MAMALICIOUS Jersey PU panel jeggings €34.95 (remember my earlier comment about leggings!)


Outfit 2

  • MAMALICIOUS stripe sweater €39.95
  • MAMALICIOUS Slim leg maternity jeans €39.95


Outfit 3

  • MAMALICIOUS 3/4 sleeve jersey top €34.95
  • MAMALICIOUS Skinny black maternity jeans €44.95


Maternity Jeans

If you are wondering about maternity jeans know that everyone is different and what I found was the maternity specific jeans (with the elastic band to cater for growing bumps did not fit me until I was well into my pregnancy at 20 weeks)

A lot of the brands you love do maternity denim so always try those brands first.

The best ones based on feedback from my clients are the following

  1. Salsa (Maternity Jeans Hope
  2. Next,
  3. H& M
  4. Mamalicious (Straight and skinny)
  5. Asos & New Look  (also available online and carry a great range but again trial and error. The returns system is easy so never worry about returning products if they don’t fit.

Work Dresses 

(for those work functions I mentioned)

  • Mamaliscious - €49.95




  • Cos (available online $135) label that is oversized and generous in sizing for most things.


H&M – Nationwide

H&M was my go to for basics and if you are in Dundrum they have a large maternity section. They have a great selection of 60’s inspired dresses which will suit a growing bump! Their tops and jumpers come in a range of colours starting from €14.99 and their leggings are really thick and give great support!

In summary to get your through your pregnancy feeling stylish and work wear appropriate you should invest in good footwear, maternity jeans and leggings, a good dress and get your basics from H&M and COS.

For any advice or help with personal shopping or wardrobe detox, call Fiona on 0861775066 or check out her website.

Fiona Hayes is a Stylist, MC and TV presenter. A newcomer to breakfast TV in Ireland she is one of the contributors on the Saturday a.m show on TV3. She has an extensive list of personal and corporate clients in Ireland and England that she shops for and regularly holds innovative and interactive workshops. She is part of the Style Team in Irelands premier shopping centre Dundrum Town Centre . She has recently launched a personal shopping service in the Crescent Shopping Centre Limerick called “Fashion Assist”