De-motivated in work

Sunday, December 23, 2018
Q. I work in catering management in a corporate environment. The position is several steps backward for me and I have become de-motivated. I am interested in opening my own business but unsure of what kind of business. I am also considering changing careers completely as I am unhappy with the pay and hours involved. Do you have any suggestions on other areas I could pursue where my current experience would be relevant?

A. You need to start looking and thinking about what things excite you. If you didn't have to work for a living what would you do. When you have an answer to that, then you should start doing it straight away.

Don't confuse work with life. It sounds like you need to take a complete break from what you are doing and start spending time with you own brain. Ideas will not come to you unless you clear you brain of all the mental clutter that is in there already.

Consider hanging out on websites which discuss entrepreneurial things. Subscribe to some entrepreneurial magazines and franchise magazines.

These will give you some ideas.