Hate your new job?

Monday, December 31, 2018
Q. I’m in new job for just six months but really hate it. Is it ok to start looking for new job after such short time in the current role? What will future employers think of this when looking at my CV? – Jack

A. Absolutely! If you have made a bad move then every minute that you stay in that company is a waste of your life unless you have some specific area of expertise that you can acquire before you leave. At your age it is unlikely that future employers will think anything of this moving around.

We live in an age where employees are more fluid and are inclined to move around more than they did in the past - when you often had one job for your whole life (how grim was that !!!) Bear in mind that in 20 years this job will not even be on your CV because it will have faded into the past.