How to know when you need a change

Sunday, December 23, 2018
Q. I am good at my old job but I am bored and don't relish the thought of going in every morning any more. I would like to change my job and do something completely different. How do I know if this is really what I want to do or whether I am just temporarily bored. What if my new career goes badly? - Mary

A. Very often people come to me and say what you are saying about being bored and wanting a new job and I always ask them the question "Is the any way that you old job could become exciting again?" Why do you feel the need to leave your job as soon as it has become boring?

Here are some things that you should consider: Is there another role in the same company? You say you want to change career, but is it possible that you current employer will let you move on to doing something completely different. There are advantages to this. The employer gets to keep a good employee who is now motivated. The employer also gets to keep your skills available to the company to help train in your replacement.

However lets say you really do want to move. Before you jump into a new job you have to find out what the problem with the old job really was (so that you can avoid it in the new job or career) and start thinking about the things that might interest you in a new position. This requires time and effort. You need to think about it for more than just half an hour and I would recommend some career changing books to help you with this process.

The most important question you have asked is: "What if it goes badly?" My response to this is always "So what!. Get another career and chose more carefully the next time." Don't let the fear of failing in a new career keep you in a career to which you are not suited or in which you are no longer interested. You have to keep moving forward.