Next career step

Sunday, December 23, 2018
Q. Hi Ed, I am currently a mature student undertaking a BBS (hons) degree, which will finish soon, My current GPA is 70%, I have 20 years experience in running a business, my function mainly focused on three things- the installation and maintenance of the quality system, the day to day operations of the company and the payroll and accounts system, I am considering undertaking a Masters Degree, but really need an income, what do you suggest? - Breda

A. You have answered your question yourself. You “really need an income”.

Therefore this should be your priority. A master’s degree can be taken at a later stage if you are still interested. You also seem to be doing very mixed tasks, quality, payroll and running the company! Without knowing more about the actual business you are in it is difficult to give you more specific advice.

Perhaps you should concentrate on some area in which you have experience and develop it into a higher-paying role.