What do you want from your job

Sunday, December 23, 2018
Q. I work as a project manager writing projects and feasibility studies related to EU structural funds. I have been working for two years and I am known as a hardworking and motivated person always try to do the best for the clients.

I asked for an increase in salary which has been steady for one year. This was rejected. My colleague is pregnant and I am expected to overtake the department but in this situation, I'm not sure whether to change jobs or cover this absence? - Eliska

A. The answer to your question depends on what you want to get from your job and how you would like to progress your career. How important is this job with respect to your career?

If you were working for a standard-setting company (which I doubt, seeing as the boss isn't going to replace a person going on maternity leave) then you might want to stay there to have your experience there on your CV.

However, it doesn't sound like such a company seeing as the boss in not going to replace a valuable resource when she is on maternity leave.

Well-run companies are inclined to value the work done by their employees and replace them when they are absent for a long period.

If you have something valuable to learn by running the department on your own for 6-9 months then you should stay. Especially if this experience will enhance your CV.

If you are just going to have twice the workload with no increase in salary or benefits, then I would ask myself the question - "how is my life benefiting from this situation?"

I always advise people to think carefully before they leave their job and I do the same to you. If you are going to leave, try to ensure that you are going somewhere better.