Cover Letters

  • 10 tips for the perfect cover letter

    When applying for a new job it is a good idea to include a cover letter in your application along with your CV.

  • Types of cover letter

    Check you meet the requirements of the job outlined, most recruiters advise only applying if you have 90% of the requirements.

  • General cover letter tips

    A cover letter must always accompany your CV. Not including a cover letter is basically just lazy. Sending a cover letter shows you have taken time to think about the job and why you are suited to it.

  • Cover Letter - a powerful marketing tool neglected by job hunters

    There are many potentially powerful marketing tools being ignored or neglected by job hunters. I mention “cover letter” and most people seem disinterested. Is this you? If so, you obviously misunderstand or misuse this tool.

  • Cover letter essentials

    Recruitment/HR professionals have very little time to sift through the current volume of job applications.

  • How to create persuasive targeted and eye-catching cover letters

    Cover letters have the potential to play a key role during job search. Unfortunately, many job seekers cut corners, ending up with bland cover letters.

  • Writing Cover Letters

    A cover letter allows you to express your particular interest in a job and organisation, and in turn highlight your main skills and attributes. It also allows you to explain why you are interested in the role, detail your enthusiasm for the work and the company and demonstrate to how you feel you would make a contribution.