10 CV pitfalls to avoid

Tuesday, December 11, 2018
10 possible CV pitfalls to avoid when compiling your CV.

  • Your CV is badly structured and, therefore is impossible to read.
  • Remember, recruiters are busy people; they get 100s of CV's everyday. It is, therefore critical to stand out above the clutter by presenting your CV in a positive light.
  • Recruiters spend on average 30 seconds looking at your CV so you only have seconds to make an impression.
  • Therefore it is essential, you structure your information, concentrate on the important facts rather than leaving the recruiter sift through masses of information to find what they need
  • Group information under clear headings and that will make it easier for the reader. Double check your spelling, avoid over-use of jargon. Even in the same industries, different organisations may have different words.
  • Your CV includes everything about your life to date but tells me nothing relevant.
  • A CV is meant to be a SUMMARY of your experience and skills in relation to the requirements of your target job. Trying to include everything you ever did only dilutes the message
  • It is more appropriate to focus on the skills your prospective employer is looking for and tailor your CV to focus on them. In a nutshell, keep it concise. Your CV focuses on responsibilities rather than results. It is important to give a good summary of what you do so employers know what you can do for them.
  • But it is essential to highlight what you have actually achieved. Instead of saying 'I am responsible for sales and marketing strategies within our department', you need to say 'I increased sales by 20% in the first quarter'.
  • If you're short on achievements, think about what you have done and use phrases like 'contributed to ' and 'assisted in' to highlight your involvement.