CV Expert

  • No calls for interview

    I have applied for loads of jobs in the past 8-9months and have not received any interview offers.

  • Rejoining the workforce

    I wish to rejoin the workforce after spending time managing the home, how is the best way to put this in a CV.

  • CV writing tips

    I am doing an MBA and I am about to finish and I still don't know how to make a good CV and cover note. So can you please help me out. thanks.

  • CV structure

    I need some professional help in tailoring my CV so prospective employers will review.

  • CV headings

    Can you please tell me the required info in headings to be included in a CV. I am reading so many different ways to write it up and it's getting very confusing.

  • Overqualified for a position?

    Due to ill health I have to give up my position of Financial Controller. I have postnatal depression, and the stress of my current role is not conducive to my recovery.

  • What am I doing wrong?

    I have been a successful member of the Supply Chain community for the last 20 years.

  • Length of time with an employer

    I have only worked in two places both for two years each and all prospective employers point this out.

  • Should I email my application?

    When sending out speculative applications, is it better to email them, or to post/mail them to the targeted company?

  • Irish CV format

    I am a 39-year-old construction professional in the concrete industry.

  • Cover letter content

    What is the best content for an introduction letter?

  • Having the necessary experience

    My problem is that I have no manufacturing experience but I have been involved in the procurement of capital equipment for start-up plants and greenfield sites.

  • Marital status in CVs

    Would it be advisable to include my marital status and number of kids on my CV and if yes should I include this under my achievements section?

  • Change of career

    I want to go back to work after a six-year gap. I have only three and a half years of work experience in database development.

  • Changing job industry

    I am trying to move into the retail sector and I’m getting nowhere.

  • Office based role to tree surgeon

    I've been in an out of Funded Programme jobs mainly 9-5 office based for years, I can't get into another line of work and have been considering a career change.