• How to go about quitting your current job

    Making the decision to quit your job can be difficult in itself. Figuring out how to go about it can be a whole other ballgame.

  • Tips on how to write a resignation letter

    [url=]People leave their jobs[/url] for many different reasons, including career change, personal circumstances or opportunity to travel.

  • Resigning from your job ? exit strategy

    Job seekers put most of their efforts into finding a new job – choosing career direction, writing a CV, job search strategies and interview preparation.

  • Resigning the right way

    Resigning can be a nerve-wracking task - Jane Downes talks us through the best way to approach it.

  • The written resignation

    Written resignations give you the time to effectively prepare what you wish to communicate, and give you greater control over your delivery of the message.

  • Resigning

    So, you have been offered a job. So now the dreaded day - you must resign.