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About Fexco

Fexco is Ireland’s most successful multinational financial and business solutions provider, with operations in 28 countries worldwide. Founded and headquartered in Ireland in 1981, Fexco employs more than 2,000 people across Europe, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, North America and Latin America.

Fexco serves some of the world’s biggest brands across multiple industries through a wide range of innovative products and services, including Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC), Multi Currency Pricing (MCP), Mobile Payments, Commercial and Retail FX, Managed Business Solutions and Tax Free Shopping.

For thirty four years, Fexco has been driven by an entrepreneurial and innovative spirit. This ethos has brought the company to new regions and industries of growth, connecting customers with exciting new opportunities. Through its commitment to partnership and innovation, the company has built an international network of customers.

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