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In 1913, Gulf created the world’s first drive through service station in Pittsburgh USA for the growing number of motorists on the road. Petrol was delivered by pump and sold in containers under the distinctive 'orange disc' brand, providing quality and service from the very beginning.

Today, Gulf Oil continues to provide the same quality and service through it's growing family of company-owned and independent services stations nationwide across Ireland, and the world. Gulf's slogan of 'Your Local Global Brand' describes the importance placed on local independent service stations and convenience stores in the heart of communities, aided by a partnership with Gulf Oil in Ireland.

At your local Gulf Oil service station you will find high quality fuels; unleaded petrol, road diesel (DERV), kerosene and marked gas oil (green diesel). Fuels are supplied from approved sources and monitored for quality standards so our customers can feel assured by the Gulf brand. Gulf Oil service stations also supply domestic fuels such as logs, coal, briquettes and gas cylinders for home heating and cooking.

A growing number of Gulf service stations now use Gulf customer fuel cards to promote sales and customer loyalty through discounts and rewards. These are part of the DCI fuel card scheme and can be used in any of the 980 Irish service stations nationwide as part of the network.

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